About Us

NoPro Sports is a non-profit venture that fosters networking among New York-based non-profits by organizing casual, coed sports leagues. We’re passionate about sports, and we strive to create an atmosphere where players of all skill levels can have a great time playing.

NoPro builds off the existing connections between people and partner organizations and creates a network of new ones. You can make new friends and build new professional relationships all while spreading awareness for your cause. We design our leagues to be a platform for collaboration between like-minded organizations, creating opportunities to share experiences and increase the impact and scope of your organization’s activities. We strive to do all of this as affordably as possible for our member organizations.

With these goals in mind the NoPro founders decided to strike out on our own. Well, that’s a poor metaphor, but you get it.

Founders / League Managers

  • Ben Roth: President
  • Zach Zinn: CIO, Co-Founder
  • Zach Menchini, Sam Zief, Ian Rinehart: Co-Founders Emeritus

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